Moscow – Where to stay

There is a huge variety of hotels in Moscow. However, prices in the capital are overestimated and it is hard to find good value for money. It is advisable to first pay attention to hotels that are close to metro stations. Even if the hotel is not located in the city center of Moscow, visitors can still get around quite easily.

Chic and luxury:

Hotel National. One of the oldest and most luxurious Moscow hotels located 200 m from the Red Square and equipped with antique furniture. Just like in a 5-star hotel, there is a SPA, a fitness center, and a luxury restaurant (owning a Michelin star). Some of the rooms overlook the Kremlin. A good buffet breakfast is served.

From $270 for a double room

Metropol Hotel. An old art nouveau five-star hotel located opposite the Bolshoy Theater. There is a sauna, a beauty parlour, a swimming pool, a gym, and two restaurants. There is ample delicacies during breakfast and the guests are always delighted with the harp.

From $300 for a double room.

Moscow Marriott Tverskaya Hotel. A hotel of a world chain located close to the Belorusskaya metro station and Belorussky railway station and the standard is high. The rooms are decorated in art nouveau style to face the lively Tverskaya Street with soundproof windows. There is a restaurant, a bar, and conference halls.

From $130 for a double room.

Pekin Hotel. A nice 4-star hotel opposite Mayakovskaya metro station, located close to restaurants, theaters and concert halls, as well as shopping street Tverskaya. The rooms are not new but very cosy. During check-in, a returnable deposit for using the mini-bar is charged. There is a restaurant, a bar overlooking the city, a gym, and a SPA at the hotel.

From $120 for a double room.



Dignified and within the pocket

Element Hotel. The rooms are tiny but brightly and nicely decorated. Its location is beyond all praise – at Bolshaya Nikitskaya St. close to 3 central metro stations and near the Moscow Conservatory. It takes 25 minutes on foot to the Kremlin; All the rooms have private bathrooms and the price is affordable.

From $60 for a double room.

Hotel Maroseyka 2/15. A small hotel in the quiet historical center close to Kitay-Gorod metro station. The rooms have reserved classical design. There are lots of restaurants nearby.

From $70 for a double room.

Design Hotel Sukharevsky. Its pompous design is slightly affected because it is not fast in service, but this drawback is compensated with good location near Sukharevskaya metro station. The hotel is located in a small 18th century building. There are many clubs, bars and restaurants nearby.

From $72 for a double room.

Kitay-Gorod Hotel. A modest but cosy hotel located near Kitay-Gorod metro station. The breakfast is not very rich, but the location at a walking distance from the Kremlin is a good compensation.

From $80 for a double room.

Elokhovsky Hotel. Amusingly designed rooms located close to Baumanskaya metro station. The beautiful Elokhovsky Cathedral is situated opposite the hotel and from there you can easily get to Leningradsky, Yaroslavsky, and Kazansky railway stations. The breakfast is modest but there are many nice cafés around.

From $78 for a double room.

Boutique Hotel Khovanskiy. A small hotel with European style rooms close to Mayakovskaya metro station. It is located in a 19th century manor but nothing is left from its ancient decorations. The hotel has a private free parking and a nursery.

From $80 for a double room.

Boutique Hotel Mira. A neat hotel close to Prospect Mira metro station with a private free parking. Standard rooms are equipped with coffee-machines. There is a botanic garden “Aptekarskiy Ogorod” nearby. The hotel has a homey atmosphere.

From $95 for a double room.

Godunov Hotel. A modest European style hotel located between metro stations Trubnaya and Kuznetsky Most. The rooms are spacious, with classical style interiors. Guests had complaint about the poor soundproofing between the rooms but appreciated the breakfast and service.

From $120 for a double room.



Cheap and acceptable

Tsvetnoe Oblako Hotel. The rooms are small and the design is simple, but the hotel is located in 3 minutes walk from Proletarskaya metro station (10 minutes from the city center) and all the rooms have private bathrooms, which is rare for such a low price in Moscow.

From $37 for a double room with a private bathroom.

Mini Hotel Aviamotornaya. The distinctive features of this hotel located in an old two-storey building are bright and slightly provincial design and homey atmosphere are found. Aviamotornaya metro station is 2 minutes on foot. This is a great budget hotel.

From $40 for a double room with a private bathroom.

Tverskaya Loft Hotel. A modest hotel with great location near Pushkinskaya metro station. When booking, it is worth to pay attention whether the room has a private bathroom, as not all the rooms have this convenience and guests may have to use a shared one.

From &52 for a double room with a private or shared bathroom.

Izmailovo Hotels – Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma. The hotel complex in Izmailovo was built for the 1980 Summer Olympics and can accommodate up to 10,000 people. Now, several hotels share these multi-storey buildings and you can choose any of them. They are conveniently located close to Partizanskaya metro station, numerous medium-class restaurants in separate buildings. It is also a great bonus since it is not far from the Izmailovo Market.

From $30-50 for a double room with a private bathroom.

Hotel Cosmos. Alas, the huge (formerly Soviet) hotel opposite the VDNKh Park is not new and its branded restaurants and souvenir shops were not favored due to unreasonable prices. But the hotel itself is conveniently located near VDNKh metro station and is well adapted for large tourist groups.

From $50 for a double room with a private bathroom.

Belorusskaya Home Hotel. A tiny 4 room hotel with modest homey atmosphere and hospitable owner located 10 minutes on foot from the metro. The bathroom is shared but clean enough.

From $30 for a double room with a shared bathroom.

Hostel San Marco. A hostel with laconic design located in a quiet ancient lane close to New Arbat Avenue. It is popular among young people and the atmosphere is friendly. The hostel has only 6 rooms and the bathroom and kitchen are shared.

$32 for a double room with a shared bathroom.



For supersavers

Fasol Hostel. A hostel with spectacular design located in a lane close to Chistye Prudy metro station. The prices are a bit overestimated but the level of comfort and service is also higher than most similar places. Every bed has an individual lamp and a socket. Guests appreciate Wi-Fi and service.

S14 for a bed in a mixed room, $46 for a double room with a shared bathroom.

Solyanka Hostel. A merry brightly designed youth hostel near Kitay-Gorod metro station and in a 15 minute walk from the Red Square and Saint Basil’s Cathedral. The reception is open 24/7.

S7 for a bed in a mixed room.

Dream on Hostel. A large and new hostel located 10 minutes walk from Novokuznetskaya metro station. The hostel has modern sober design and a big shared kitchen. Guests emphasize cleanliness.

From $10 for a bed in a mixed room, $47 for a double room with shared bathroom.

Hostel Moscow. A popular hostel located close to Mayakovskaya metro station at Tverskaya Street. The design is laconic, and the place is clean and friendly. Young guests can play table games at a common lounge.

S12 for a bed in a mixed room.

Hostel Jazz. A tiny hostel with home furnishing has only 4 rooms. Pets are allowed. The hostel is located near Chekhovskaya metro station. Guests appreciate quietness and hospitable service.

From S9 for a bed in a mixed room.

Come&Sleep Hostel. The design is expressly simple: wooden bunk beds, plain brick walls, and this simplicity is balanced with polite service. There is an opportunity to order breakfast (extra charge) and good Wi-Fi. The hostel has only 5 rooms.

From S7 for a bed in a mixed room.