Yekaterinburg – Shopping

Shopping in Yekaterinburg is excellent. And to prove it, the city’s shopping centres have repeatedly been recognized as the best in Russia. A wide range of brands (mostly foreign) catches the eye, but the prices are not much lower than in Moscow. As for souvenirs, they are here in abundance. A purely Ural souvenir is items made of Siberian stone (boxes from 1,000 rubles, jewellery and crafts from 200 roubles) or simply beautiful crystals and cut minerals (from 700 roubles). Particularly spectacular is serpentine and jasper, though the malachite, unfortunately, is no longer local but imported.


Expensive and elegant / Reasonable and affordable

The huge “Greenwich” shopping centre is conveniently located in the city centre, with 155,000 m² selling major foreign brands in the expensive and average price categories. Once inside, there are interesting sculptures, a few cafes and a cinema. Another shopping “monster” is MEGA, a well-known chain in Russia (the choice of brands is almost the same as in “Greenwich”, but with a real bias towards youth fashion). “Rich” Russian clothing and accessory brands are to be found in the “Evropa” shopping centre, with cosmetics for people with middle and high income in the “Zolotoye Yabloko” perfume supermarket. For more upmarket souvenirs, try the Central Department Store (TsUM) shopping centre and the stalls in the Administration of the City of Yekaterinburg.


Budget and good quality / Super savings

Luxury and budget brands in the shopping centres of Ekaterinburg are often “mixed in” with each other, so there are no definitively cheaper places in town. In the “Alatyr” shopping complex, the focus is on domestic and youth fashion, but rather “pretentious”. There are regular sales in the “Uspensky” shopping centre. Both stores are conveniently located in the city centre. If you want an absolutely ridiculous price, it’s worth a trip to the “Tagansky Ryad” shopping centre on the outskirts of the city.


Where to find inexpensive souvenirs

Budget souvenirs in Yekaterinburg can be found if you search hard enough. These include magnets (from 70 roubles), miniature stone pendants (100 roubles), porcelain plates and figurines (200 roubles). The cheapest and most convenient place to buy them is the area near the “Geologicheskaya” metro station. There you will also find trade in antiques, where you can and should bargain. Also, small souvenirs can be found in “Soyuzpechats” newsagents kiosks and small shops hidden among the “Boom” and “Gallereya Krasny Leopard” clothing stores.

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