Yekaterinburg – Dining

Yekaterinburg’s restaurants are less about refined cuisine than a pleasant, cosy atmosphere. The menus are, as a rule, extensive and awaken the appetite. Prices, unfortunately, are often exaggerated, but this is offset by the charm of the place and courteous service.


Expensive and luxurious

Troyekurov. Luxury restaurant serving Tsarist Russian cuisine in an “antique” interior. Very tasty with beautiful tasting sets. 2,000-3,000 roubles per person.

Medvezha Pad. One of the best restaurants in town for game. The colourful interior is in hunting style. It’s a bit dark, but the service is quick and efficient. 1,500-2,000 roubles per person.

Khmeli-Suneli. The best Georgian restaurant in town. Popular for business meetings and celebrations. Guests speak highly of the meat. 1,000-1,500 roubles per person.

Krushon. Modestly called a “provincial cuisine restaurant”, of course, they are underselling themselves. The menu contains dumplings with various kinds of fish, and fowl cooked in a coal oven. 1,200-1,800 roubles per person.


Decent and affordable

Pashtet. A cosy and stylish place. Extensive domestic Russian and European cuisine. Be sure to try the speciality pies (pashtet). 900-1,500 roubles per person.

Moy Droog Olivier. A fashionable place with 8 varieties of Olivier and other dishes of Russian and French cuisine. Unhurried service. 800-1,500 roubles per person.

Svoya Kompania. Bright, youth cafe chain with European and Asian cuisine interspersed with Russian. 600-1,100 roubles per person.

Berry Pub. Paradise for berry lovers: here, they come with everything. Cocktails and coffee, and desserts, and… Almost all hot meat dishes. 800-1,400 roubles per person.


Cheap and tasty

Pyelmeny Klab. Cosy modern cafe with farm products and gorgeous dumplings (pyelmeny) with herbal teas. 500-1,000 roubles per person.

Pyelmennaya Dyuzhina. Dumplings with a dozen really varied fillings. Nourishing, quick, crowds of customers. 250-500 roubles per person.

Kuznya. Colourful and photogenic cafe, decorated as a blacksmith’s workshop (‘kuznya’ = forges). Quite far from the centre, but worth it for the local meat. 500-800 roubles per person.

Podsolnukhi. Charming pie shop which you can’t leave without gorging yourself. From folk recipes to the chef’s delights. 300-600 roubles per person.


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