St. Petersburg – Shopping

St. Petersburg is convenient for shopping as many shops are located in the historical center and they can be visited in parallel to sightseeing. The traditional “local” purchase is porcelain items.

The main trade street is Nevsky Prospect where cheap shops with consumer goods easily cohabit with expensive boutiques.


Chic and Luxury

Bolshoy Prospect of Petrograd Side. This street accommodates the majority of luxury brand boutiques, shops with jewelry, expensive textiles and household accessories. The prospect runs between Sportivnaya and Petrogradskaya metro stations. There are several shops by expensive Russian designers.

Nevsky Prospect – every self-respecting luxury brand should have a branch on this street. Especially high concentration can be found in the Boutique Gallery in building 44.

Dom Leningradskoy Torgovli (DLT). The mall, located close to Nevsky Prospect, has at all times been the outpost of high-end fashion in St. Petersburg. There you will find elite foreign brands, and a couple of interesting Russian ones. Bolshaya Konyushennaya St., 21/23


Dignified and within the pocket

Large shopping centers on Nevsky Prospect are suitable to those looking for expensive or higher budget clothes. 2 most popular shopping centers are located close to Moskovsky railway station.

Shopping Center “Galeria”. The largest and busiest shopping center in St. Petersburg is located close to Moskovsky railway station. There are 5 floors with shoes, clothes, and accessories. All famous western brands are present, both expensive and mid-range. The higher the floor – the lower the price. Ligovsky Prospekt, 30a.

Shopping Center “Stockmann” and “Nevsky Center”. This is another huge trade house consisting of two large shops. There is a food store in the basement and household accessories on the top floor. In between there are floors with expensive and mid-range clothes. Nevsky Prospect, 114-116.

Gostiny Dvor. Here you can buy definitely everything – from clothes of premier brands to a cheap cooking pot. Souvenirs are also available. The shopping arcades are a 18th century monument of architecture and the oldest trading venue of the city. Nevsky Prospect, 35.


Cheap and Good

Sadovaya Street. There are a lot of inexpensive shops here, from clothes and jewelry to household and handcraft goods. Near Sadovaya and Spasskaya metro stations, there are 2 popular and affordable shopping centers – “Sennaya” and “Pik” with clothes, jewelry, accessories and household goods, as well as the legendary (and not always trouble-free) Sennoy Market is offering food and Apraksin Dvor (see below in detail).

For super savers

Apraksin Dvor (Apraksin Yard). This legendary market exists from the 18th century. Here you can buy everything with spare change: clothes, household items, appliances, and antiques. Good items are offered side by side with broken or simply stolen items. Authorities tried to close it many times, but the spontaneous trade always won. The market is very colorful but not safe, beware of pickpockets. And don’t be afraid to bargain – this is common practice here. Sadovaya St., 28-30.


Eliseevskiy Shop. One of the oldest and most famous shops of St. Petersburg specializing in gastronomy. It is better not to buy anything here as prices are unreasonably high. But it is definitely worth walking along the showcases and enjoy the luxury decorations in the early modernist style.

Nevsky Prospect, 56.


Where to buy souvenirs

Beside souvenir shops at museums and on Nevsky Prospect it is worth paying attention to the markets.

Expensive/within the pocket

Market near the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. The market with a view over the famous church is a nice place for shopping. Here you can buy traditional souvenirs like Matryoshka dolls, samovars, arts and crafts items, icons, and sometimes antiques. Prices are high, but bargaining is welcome. Griboyedov Canal Embankment, 2Б.

Imperial Porcelain Factory shops

The legendary Imperial Porcelain Factory is located in St. Petersburg, that is why here you can buy its products without the retail margin. The design is ancient and delicate reminding about the imperial past of St. Petersburg. It is better to buy at the factory shops located on Nevsky Prospect (buildings 60, 92 & 160 and at Gostiny Dvor).

A cup and saucer set – from 800 roubles, a teapot – from 1200 roubles, figurines – from 300 roubles, complete sets – from 7500 roubles.


Cheap/for super savers

Flea market at Udelnaya metro station

One of the world’s largest flea markets. Here you will mostly find items from the USSR and the 1990s, but some antiques can also be found. The assortment is various: samovars, utensils, clothes, books, dolls, hand-made items. People sell from stalls and even on the ground (it is easier to bargain with the latter). There is a lot of junk, but if you come early (best of all at 9:00-11:00) and have at least some knowledge of the subject. At 15:00 sellers start to leave and at 17:00 the place is empty. The market opens on weekends only.

How to get there: Udelnaya metro station, then cross the railroad and turn right, 5 minutes on foot. Don’t hurry to buy at the front rows, it is better to go farther, behind the kiosks stands and people displaying items on the ground as prices are lower there. Beware of pickpockets and ask a permission if you want to take a picture as not everybody likes that.


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