St. Petersburg – Dining

St Petersburg is famous with its restaurants – many of them are envied even in Moscow, and St Petersburg caterers do their best to preserve this. There are many elegant restaurants offering Russian cuisine without drawbacks on the menu and in the interior, as well as unusual and cosy cafés. However, even budget options bear the impression of the special elegance that is inherent to St Petersburg.


Chic and Luxury:

Severyanin. Here the spirit of a bohemian public place of the beginning of the 20th century is restored. The menu is based on the haute Russian cuisine with the “northern” accent. Guests especially praise fine desserts. Poetry evenings are often given there.

2000-3000 roubles per person.

Palkin. A typical restaurant of haute cuisine (mixed with molecular gastronomy) offering Russian specialties, such as King crab, caviare, venison, and hare. Beautiful ancient interior and pretentious service.

4000-8000 roubles per person.

Koryushka. The restaurant is located near the Peter and Paul Fortress and can impress its guests with a great view over the Neva and the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. The menu includes Russian and Georgian dishes as well as differently cooked traditional in St Petersburg smelt fish.

2500-6000 roubles per person.

Stackenschneider. A restaurant in an old manor with pompous imperial interior preserved from the old times and unliftable chairs. The service and cuisine follow the 19th century style and live music is offered in the evening.

2200-4000 roubles per person.

1913. A century-old style restaurant. It has an art Deco style interior with beautiful stained glass windows and Russian and European menu with a clear French accent. Prices are a bit generous, but the food is good. The service is unobtrusive but decent. In the evening, live music is offered.

2100-3500 roubles per person.


Dignified and within the pocket

Kvartirka. A lovely designed café styled as a Soviet times apartment where one feels like at a friend’s home. The menu offers 9 types of pelmeni, blini and all traditional Russian and Soviet dishes. You can order a whole samovar with lots of sushki (cracker rings) and sweets.

1000-1800 roubles per person.

Yat Restaurant-Buffet. A nice Russian cuisine restaurant where food is cooked from farm products. The cook has slightly changed traditional recipes, but this makes them even tastier. A “live” attraction of the restaurant is a covey of domestic rabbits whom customers can pet.

1000-1500 roubles per person.

Taste to Eat. This restaurant located near the Bolshoi Drama Theater specializes in the “new Russian cuisine”. The menu includes traditional Russian ingredients that have got the new life in keeping with haute cuisine. Food is good, but the portions are not big.

1200-2000 roubles per person.


Shengen. The menu list is short, but each dish is cooked to perfection. Russian and European cuisine, Asian-style experiments. Such exotic ingredients like venison and King crab are used. The interior is modest and the service is polite.

1400-2500 roubles per person.

Café Zoom. A popular place among students of creative professions. The bill is brought in a book and customers receive pencils and paper for drawing while waiting for the order. The menu offers simple Russian and European dishes, many of which are vegetarian.

800-1000 roubles per person.


Cheap and tasty

Pelmeniya. A chain of democratic restaurants specializing in pelmeni from different countries of the world. Beside pelmeni there are Russian manti (oriental dumplings), vareniki (filled dumplings), Georgian khinkali, and Asian varieties. Large portions and money-saving business lunches.

400-700 roubles per person.

Frikadelki. A good canteen for a snack with nice interior located near the Russian Museum. Russian home cuisine. No delicacies can be expected, but the meal will be good, nourishing and fast.

500-900 roubles per person.


Stolle. A true St Petersburg restaurant chain with large pies sold in pieces by weight. They have different fillings; chicken, minced meat and fish are the most popular salty ones and apple, berry and dried apricot are the most popular sweet ones. They also offer small pastries and a menu, but the latter is not very interesting except for the soups. The showcase becomes empty very fast after lunch, so it is better to come in the morning. In the opinion of St Petersburg people, they make the best pies in the city.

300-800 roubles per person.

Pirogovy Dvorik. Another tasty and budget place where one can try Russian baked products. Pay attention to money-saving lunches of 4 dishes (a soup, a salad and a pie or the main course and a pie) costing 200-270 roubles that are really very nourishing. This is a chain of cafés but the best one is located on Griboyedov Canal Embankment 22 having a view over the Kazan Cathedral to the envy of more expensive restaurants.

300-600 roubles per person.

Pyshechnaya at Bolshaya Konyushennaya St., 25. Beloved by students and sugar hounds, it is located only a few steps away from Nevsky Prospect. The interior is very simple, only standing places are available, but thick, sweet doughnuts and dumplings covered with sugar powder simply melt in the mouth. Prices are little and queues are large.

100-200 roubles per person.


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