Sochi – Shopping

Sochi is a resort town that attracts everyone who wants good living at least for the holiday period. This impacts the assortments of the shops and local souvenirs. As a rule, even chain stores of famous brands offer many bright summer garments (sometimes with glitters). And local souvenirs are sooner funny trinkets than works of applied arts: sea shells, painted stones or “Olympic” T-shirts, caps and toys. However, you can enjoy shopping here too.

It should be noted that Sochi has no so-called “expensive” shops, and mix of various price categories is an absolute norm for any deal.

Chic and luxury


The 14-storey mall built for the Olympics accommodates shops of expensive and medium price category brands. Here mostly international brands are offered. However, recent budget shops of inexpensive brands like Sela have started to appear. Here you can buy cosmetics and jewellery, also in the mall has a blowing shop selling unusual gifts.

Moskovskaya St., 22.


The ground floor of the shopping center located in the pedestrian zone offers common luxury brands like Gucci, Ferrari, Versace, etc. The first and second floors offer youth clothes of expensive and medium price category brands. There are also luxury gifts – from engraved blades to Orthodox icons.

Kurortny Prospekt, 16.

Sea Port and surroundings

Another area of expensive shopping in Sochi is located near the Sea Port. Near buildings 5-19 at Kurortny Prospekt and along Voyekova Street and near the port there are expensive shops of popular international brands. Even if you are not planning to buy anything, it is very nice to walk near the sea.


Dignified and within the pocket/cheap and good

Shopping and Entertainment Center “Moremall” 

A new and most popular among Sochi people shopping center, which in their opinion is not inferior to the best Moscow malls. This is the first Sochi mall of such scale, so more mall attracts shoppers from nearby cities too.

The area of 169,000 square meters accommodates shops of all the most popular brands (mostly of the medium price category) and brands by Russian manufacturers. Here you can buy clothes, toys, sports goods, lingerie, household appliances, gifts, and many other goods. Huge choice with metropolitan luxury. The huge food court has many budget restaurants and young people like to spend time in the big cinema and do selfies with Formula-1 race car exhibited on the ground floor.

Novaya Zarya St. 7.

Navaginskaya Street

One of the main pedestrian streets of the city and a great place for shopping. First of all, there is the famous “Torgovaya Galereya” (buildings 7-9) where you can find shops of various price categories – from boutique shops to street stalls. Also, there are other shopping centers in Navaginskaya Street: “Atrium”, “Detsky Mir”, “Lakstar”, and “Zenith”, as well as monobrand shops both expensive and budget. Shopping on Navaginskaya Street is convenient because it is also possible to have a meal in any of a dozen of restaurants located nearby.

Sochi TsUM

One of the oldest Sochi shops is located close to the railway station so it is always busy. On 5 floors there are affordable shops of Russian clothes manufacturers, accessories, sports goods, bags, cosmetics, and souvenirs. And it is generally nice to have a walk here: the building erected about 50 years ago has not lost its ancient charm.

Gorkogo St. 53.

Cheap and good for super savers

Shopping Center Sun City

An inexpensive trade complex to the north from the railway station where you can buy women’s clothes and textile (of rather bright colors) by local manufacturers, kid’s clothes (also by local brands), as well as sports goods, cosmetics, and gifts. The shopping center also has a branch of the popular Russian supermarket “Perekrestok” and a lot of small shops and services centers for household appliances.

Severnaya St. 6.

Shopping Center “Magnolia”

One of the legendary Soviet hotels has leased part of its huge area from the turbulent 1990s. Since then it has also been occupied by shuttle traders bringing high-quality fur-coats and jackets from Turkey. So, Sochi people and tourists interested in expensive outerwear for a reasonable price go directly to “Magnolia”. The market atmosphere and the narrowness of tiny rented shops spoil the shopping pleasure, but here you still can find good items although of rather eccentric designs. Due to grown USD exchange rate the shopping center is facing not the good times.

Kurortny Prospekt, 50.

Avangard Market

One of the cheapest city markets where shoppers go to Russian cosmetics, inexpensive fashion jewellery, and souvenirs. There is a big choice of clothes and shoes: both trash and real treasures. Bargaining is possible but prices are already very pleased. To avoid frauds ask for a receipt for expensive items.

Prigorodnaya St., 6/10.



Chic and luxury

Expensive designer souvenirs are sold near the Sea Port. You can find their unusual clothes and accessories. The fabrics and the execution are rather good, but the designs and style are sometimes too eccentric and kitschy. An example of such a shop is “Redkaya Shtuchka” at Primorskaya St., 3/10 where a jacket with an unusual pattern costs from 5000 roubles; woollen kerchiefs – from 1200 roubles; beach wrap clamps styled as a shell – 150 roubles, and knitted toys – from 1000 roubles.

Amusing designer dolls (from 5000 roubles) are sold at “Volshebny Sunduchok” store at Tchaikovskogo St., 34. In general, it is worth taking a walk in the central part of the city (Navaginskaya Street and parallel to it Ostrovskogo Street and Vorovskogo Street) as their new gift and home accessories shops appear all the time.


Dignified and within the pocket

Sochi “branded” souvenirs are sold first of all at vending kiosks on the embankment.  You can find magnets with pictures of the sea Olympic design (from 30 roubles); flat stones with simple drawings (the sea, the lighthouse, ships, fishes – from 50 roubles), as well as nice T-shirts (from 500 roubles for humorous pictures and from 1000 for Olympic design). A shell can be found on the beach (if you are lucky) or buy in souvenir shops again on the embankment or in the parks (a good place is “Morskiye Suveniry” (Sea Souvenirs) shop in the Riviera Park).

Unusual gifts, as a rule crafts by local artisans or funny consumer goods passed off as the crafts, can be found in Navaginskaya Street and near it. In Ostrovskogo Street shop specialization is more mystical as there you will find a few esoteric stores.

Cheap/for super savers

Cheap souvenirs are sold at the “Avangard” Market (Prigorodnaya St. 6/10) at the “Karavan” shop. There you can also buy shells by weight and other unsophisticated but funny items of wood and local bamboo.


Sochi is a real paradise for those who love gastronomic specialities. Sweet wines and soft cheeses, mountain honey and tasty jams – those are only a small part of what can be tried in the resort capital of Russia. To avoid intoxication buy spirits only at the shops and never from private persons.

In Sochi you can try wine at the tasting room “Arcadia” (in the Riviera Park). For a fixed fee of 100-300 rubles (depending on the season and time of the day) tourists are offered to try 6-7 sorts of southern wine.  You can also buy the varieties you like. Local wines can be bought also in chain stores “Vina Kubani”, “Alco-Profi”, and “Fanagoria”. Picturesque cellar wine shop “Staroye Vino” is located in the very heart of the city (Nagornaya St., 25).

For cheeses, spices and sweets better go to Sochi Central Market (Moskovskaya St., 22)/ Definitely try green pineapple guava jam (having an unusual freshening coniferous flavour) and soft suluguni (salty cheese with cream flavour). Also pay attention to Krasnodarsky Tea (the most northern sport in the world and the only one in Russia), however, its taste is like not by everyone as it is rather bitter and tannic.

Mountain (especially chestnut) honey that is more liquid than traditional one is especially tasty. Attention is also drawn by long “sausages” called churchhela – those are nuts in a shell of condensed grape juice with sugar. However an unprepared tourist should know that this Oriental sweet stretch out a lot and is difficult to chew.

Generous sellers gladly offer to try any product you like, so it is possible to both to have a good feed and to choose what you like. But you must be ready to emotional persuasions of sellers as after the testing they will agitate for the purchase with triple effort.

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