Novgorod – Shopping

Like in any tourist city souvenir trade is very developed in Novgorod. There are souvenirs to any taste: from arts and crafts to local delicacies. The most popular souvenirs are birch bark items (combs, salt cellars, small mirrors, boxes from 150 to 1500 roubles per piece) and copies of ancient Russian jewellery (from 250 roubles for brass to 700 roubles for silver-plated items). Gourmands should try traditional herbal teas (100-300 roubles per pack), organic honey (from 500 roubles per jar), designed gingerbread (from 80 roubles per piece), and local kvass (from 40 roubles per bottle).


Chic and luxury/dignified and within the pocket

Novgorod has plenty of souvenir shops and art salons where you can buy arts and crafts items, icons, and pictures by local painters. Prices vary from candidly exaggerated to quite acceptable. Those who have little time can be recommended tourist centre Red Izba at the territory of the Kremlin where both souvenirs and delicacies are offered at medium prices. The shop offers a good selection of knitted gloves and scarves (200-500 roubles). It is interesting to visit galleries Na Torgu (Ilyina St., 2) and Sloboda (Studencheskaya St., 2) that in addition to the “standard souvenir set” offer jewellery. At the Arts and Crafts House (Bredova-Zverinaya St. 14) focus is made on “peasant” style there are many hand-made items.


Cheap and good/for super savers

Those who want to save (and at the same time fee the famous Novgorod merchant grasp should go to the souvenir markets. They spontaneously open near the main tourist attractions: the Kremlin, the Vitoslavlitsy Museum, and the monasteries. On the counters you will see the same items as in the souvenir shops, but here bargaining is possible and welcome. The only problem is the absence of quality control, so before you buy anything thoroughly check the souvenir for any defects. Delicacies can be bought at the Central Market (Prusskaya St., 15).


Where Novgorod people go for shopping

The main trade street of Novgorod is Bolshaya Sankt-Peterburgskaya. The majority of shops and malls are located there. At the beginning of the street most expensive shops are located, as long as goes down prices become friendlier. The most popular shops in Bolshaya Sankt-Peterburgskaya Street is Trade Center Volna (Bldg. 39) and Shopping Center Rus (Bldg. 25). The offer clothes and cosmetics of medium prices, categories by foreign brands and brands of the CIS.



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