Novgorod – Dining

Novgorod has a lot of Russian cuisine restaurants: from canteens where tourist groups are offered fast service to luxury “for the noble society”. Most restaurants are located around the Kremlin. Novgorod people like fish dishes and can cook them well. Ilmen-style perch is especially good – it is worth trying without any hesitation.


Chic and luxury

Fregat Flagmant. A restaurant and club complex on a moored retro sailing ship. It offers a marvellous view over the Kremlin and the river, the service is slow, the cuisine is good. Russian and European cuisine. 1000-1500 roubles per person.

Berg’s House. Old merchant dishes are served in a hall styled to resemble an aristocrat’s study.  The place is slow and luxury. 1100-1500 roubles per person.

La Chatte. A popular among local people café. It offers haute cuisine with a European accent. The interior will please those who like cats. 1000-1800 roubles per person.

Ilmen. A restaurant of haute cuisine specializing in fish dishes. Serving is nice but unusual recipes make impression not on all the guests. 1100-1600 roubles per person.


Dignified and within the pocket

Lenkom. A swashbuckling stylization going back to the Soviet Union times (there are Soviet flags and Lenin’s portrait on the walls) and a good menu with a prevalence of fish dishes. Business lunches are offered. 450-700 roubles per person.

Sudarushka. Styled as a Russian izba (log house), Russian cuisine, fast service, large portions, and lots of tourists. 700-900 roubles per person.

Skazka. The place offers Uzbek and European cuisine with tiny notes of Russian dishes. It has a colorful Oriental interior. Guests recommend lamian. 700-1200 roubles per person.

Cafe at Sennaya. A Russian cuisine café near the Kremlin. Portions are large, the service is slow. 400-600 roubles per person.


Cheap and tasty

Diyez. A brightly designed self-service canteen across the river from the Kremlin. Good choice, quality home food. 250-400 roubles per person.

Vesnyanka. A modest canteen in the centre of the city with plain cuisine and ridiculous prices. It offers good soups and pies. 250-350 roubles per person.

Kolobok. A tiny café specializing in pastries, a favorite place for students and office workers. 200-300 roubles per person.

Tri Tolstyaka. A canteen with huge queues and great pies. 150-300 roubles per person.


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