Moscow – Dining

The capital of Russia is traditionally known as home of hospitality –this is true about them because Moscow people like eating and it is what they know how to do best. Moscow has about 2800 restaurants for different taste and budget. What are the must-see places among these varieties?

Chic and Luxury:


This restaurant is designed to look like a luxury 19th century sitting room, which has become an attraction for prosperous tourists and a place for business negotiations. However, it should be noted that high cuisine with aristocratic French still deserves close attention.

3000-8000 roubles per person.



A restaurant of northern cuisine with special delicacies like stroganina (frozen fish or meat cut into long, wide and thin pieces), game meat, northern fish, fruit liqueurs, and even berries. Gourmands looking for northern exotic will like it.

4000-10000 roubles per person.


A restaurant located at ancient manour and specializing in the cuisine of the Moscow nobility. A quiet, spacious and reputable place. Although, the menu sometimes contain drawbacks like spinach that has not been seen in traditional Russian dishes, but the food is always tasty. Venison is said to be especially good. Most dishes are cooked on Russian stove.

3000-5000 roubles per person.



This is one of the most famous historical Moscow restaurants that is popular among Moscow Bohemia of the 19th – 20th centuries. Yar has almost everything, especially mirrors, gilding and an average noise while serving food. Also, the beautiful halls arouse one’s interest to take pictures endlessly. The evening Russian-style show is called “our response to Lido”.

3000-6000 roubles per person.

Dignified and within the pocket:

Omulevaya Bochka

This is an interesting restaurant of Siberian kitchen where one can try real Baikal fish – omul and muksun, as well as venison of different styles. The menu contains traditional Russian dishes with “Siberian” touch at an affordable price in spite of its authentic nature.

1500-3000 roubles per person.


Black Cat Tavern

This restaurant is at the Taganskaya metro station. It is designed to like the world-war of the 1940s in the USSR. The menu includes recipes like that of the “ministerial canteens”.

1500-3000 roubles per person.

Abazhur Restaurant at Tsvetnoy Boulevard

A small, cozy café with home-style cooking. Here, one can try common Russian dishes and the Soviet “classics” for a relatively cheap price. European cuisine is also available.

800-1500 roubles per person.


Mari Vanna

Restaurants in this chain can also be found in St. Petersburg and New-York. The interior is designed to like “grandma’s apartment” and cuisine with plain home-made food of Russia and the USSR, pelmeni, oladi, home-made nastoikas (a category of alcoholic beverages). One can see a touch of snobbery in this simple delicacy and a cuisine that is good.

2000-3000 roubles per person.


It is one of the most fashionable restaurants of haute cuisine with Russian roots opened by two twins and two head chefs. The theme of dualism is reflected in the interior too. The authors of the menu are not afraid of experimenting with traditional Russian products like buckwheat, pearl barley and beetroot. The blend of flavors in any dishes is astonishing, but metropolitan gourmands like it.

2000-3500 roubles per person.


Cheap and tasty:

Po-Russki (A la Russe)

A cheap place at “luxury” Stoleshnikov Lane that is located in a basement. The restaurant has laconic design that is simple but good. From 12:00 to 16:00 on business days, 2-3 dishes are provided with drinks offered for 300-500 roubles.

500-1000 roubles.

Varenichnaya No 1

A chain of 6 cafés in the center of various Moscow streets which can be seen from its name. The area of specialty is vareniki (filled dumplings), salty or sweet. Here, you can also try pelmeni, borsch (beetroot soup), blini, and other Russian and Soviet classic dishes at reasonable price. The food is simple and nourishing with quick service. The café is designed to like a Soviet canteen with the music of those eras.

500-1000 roubles.



A popular chain of fast food cafés with Russian home kitchen. You just need to take a tray, go to the food counters and order what you like from the waiter. Dishes are sold by weight, but experienced waiters serve a standard portion of 100-120g by eye guessing within some seconds. The food is tasty and well cooked. Price is very low in Moscow and the temptation to take more is always seen. The café has a village style interior, its walls and some piece of furniture look like the marks in cow skin. Here, there are always queues of hungry office staff and practical Moscow people.

200-600 roubles per person.


A chain of fast food restaurant with the principle of trays, in which food is by weight like in Mu-Mu. Here, it is less cosy and tasty, but Grabli restaurants are located in most shopping malls which does not have big queues. There are few Russian dishes in the menu, but one can find simplified versions of European and Asian dishes.

200-700 roubles per person.


This was a famous Russian restaurant from the 1990s, with plain and nourishing dishes that looks like a peasant izba (log house) ad is always busy. There are full-scale “taverns” and express-versions in their shopping malls.

600-1000 roubles.


Art Café “Nesvyatyye Svyatyye”

A café at a church bookshop that is authentic. With the cellar vaults of white bricks, you can try monastery pastries, dishes in clay pots and porridges that is simple and nourishing. After taking a meal, it is possible to visit the shop so as to take a glance at the churchware.

400-600 roubles.

Chiburekki Café at Solyansky Deadlock

Here, only standing places are available. The interior is extremely simple and Chiburekki (meat pastry) are served on carton plates. However, the value for money is so good that in Soviet times, different folks like busy people with expensive suits and nostalgic drunkards comes here for snacks. Since then, the café has not changed. Anyone can get food and drinks from 6 A.M. to 12 P.M.

100-500 roubles.

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