Irkutsk – Dining

In Irkutsk, it’s worth trying dishes from three types of cuisine: Siberian, Buryat and Baikal. Siberian cuisine includes dishes of game, with liver slices particularly interesting. Buryat cuisine includes a hearty “poza” (a kind of dumpling) and buhler (meat stew). And Baikal cuisine means dishes made out of tender Baikal omul fish. Particularly impressive is sagaday, an appetiser of raw omul with spices. And to wash down all this wonderful food, you can choose a Siberian herbal tea.


Expensive and luxurious

Rassolnik. Stylised towards the Soviet era. Impeccable Russian, Siberian and Baikal cuisine. Especially praiseworthy in its soups. 1,000-1,800 roubles per person.

Dom Rybaka. The restaurant is producing dishes from Baikal fish. It’s worth trying the “raw” food on offer. The fruit liqueurs are also excellent. 1,000-1,500 roubles per person.

Kochevnik. A quality restaurant serving traditional Mongolian cuisine (there are also dishes from the Baikal region). Huge portions, great to eat with company. 1,200-1,600 roubles per person.

Okhotnikov. The best place in town for game. Venison, deer, pheasant, elk in various forms served up in a spirit of haute cuisine and a corresponding price tag. 1,500-2,500 roubles per person.


Decent and affordable

Snyezhinka. Irkutsk’s favourite European cafe. Cute design with lots of charming details. 900-1,300 roubles per person.

Grot. Pub chain with a decent menu of Russian and European cuisine and its own brewery. 800-1,100 roubles per person.

Buza. A network of dumpling houses with a youth feel about them. But there’s more than just dumplings, as local salads are also very good, especially “Caesar” salad with omul. 350-600 roubles per person.

Chitatel. Stylish restaurant with Russian and European cuisine served up among the bookshelves. 500-1,000 roubles per person.


Cheap and tasty

Poznaya na Kanadzavy. Homely room with 8 tables… and the best “poza” (dumplings) in town. 200-350 roubles per person.

Amritta. Old network of dumpling houses all over town. The interior is outdated and the food a bit greasy, but the dumplings are very tasty. Plenty of customers. 200-350 roubles per person.

BonJour. Excellent network of eateries, where they cook in the strict Soviet style. 120-200 roubles per person.

Ladushka. A modest eatery with excellent Russian home cooked food. 180-250 roubles per person.

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