Kazan – Dining

Kazan is a real treasury of “hidden diamonds” among the restaurants. Plain signs and frighteningly poor interiors hide charming places popular both among the local people and informed tourists. Most inexpensive cafés have self-service and the atmosphere of a canteen, but if you care only about the quality of food – it is all right. In Kazan it is better to try not Russian but Tatar cuisine, first of all, horse meat dishes and pastries. Take into consideration that Tatar dishes are very nourishing so it is better to order a bit at a time – otherwise you may overestimate your eating abilities.

Chic and luxury

Dom Tatarskoi Kulinarii A restaurant with luxury, although a bit outdated, interiors and many national dishes in the menu. Waiters wearing white gloves are not always sincerely welcoming, but they are well-trained. Cooking is good, but long – it often take about half an hour to wait for a dish. Here it is worth to try the horse meat, duck, goose, and Manti (oriental dumplings). Soups are not always good. There is a culinary shop at the ground floor where you can buy the same pastries that are offered by the restaurant but at a lower price.

1200-2500 roubles per person.


Tatarskaya Usadba. One of the most popular Tatar restaurants in the city. This is the place most people choose to try Tatar cuisine for the first time. This is a tourist place with slightly overdone “estate” color, but the cuisine is really good. The cook is especially good in pastries, horse meat, and mutton dishes. Portions are large. Because of the big flow of customers, the service is not very attentive. A wood stove is a great decoration of the interior, but do not choose a table near it as it is very hot.

1000-2000 roubles per person.

Pashmir. It is considered to be a meeting place of the local elite, which makes a negative impact both on the prices and on the attitude of staff to common folks. But in spite of that, the restaurant is very popular. The menu offers Oriental and Tatar cuisine dishes with some European ones. Food connoisseurs appreciate a lot of the local tartar, pilaw, and roasted mutton, while amateur photographers enjoy the panoramic view of the Kaban Lake that opens from the restaurant windows.

1500-4000 roubles per person.


Dvoryanskoye Sobraniye. This place should be visited, first of all, for its “old-style” interior and the possibility to feel like being in the merchant Russia with its tavern gluttony and bravado atmosphere. However, the prices would stop you from eating too much. The menu offers a lot of old Russian cuisine dishes with a light “northern” accent. It is worth trying pelmeni and game meat, especially elk and venison. At the same time, it is not recommended to order Tatar dishes: beshbarmak here is rather mediocre.

1200-3000 roubles per person.

Priyut Kholostyaka. In spite of uninteresting menu with the standard international selection (cream soups, steaks, risotto, etc.), Kazan people like this restaurant for the informal environment and beautiful serving of dishes. Being tired of the nourishing Tatar cuisine, one can come there to try the delicious mushroom cream soup, strudel, and the best crème brûlée in the city. However, prices are close to Moscow ones.

1200-3000 roubles per person.

Dignified and within the pocket

Kot Kazanskiy A pub with an amazing interior, fully matching its name – the walls are decorated with “full-dress” portraits of various cats. The menu is not long, but tasty. There are Russian, Tatar and a few Ukrainian dishes. Beshbarmak and pelmeni with salmon are especially good.

1000-1500 roubles per person.


Alan Ash. This restaurant is a “younger brother” of the famous Tatarskaya Usadba and is located not far from it. The interior and the furnishings are much simpler, but the food is made by the same cooks, the service is fast, and you can order a meal to take away. The restaurant offers a wide selection of Tatar dishes, as well as Russian and home cuisine. Guests also appreciate local non-alcoholic mulled wine. If you come between 17:00 and 21:00 you can catch “happy hours” with considerable discounts.

400-1000 roubles per person.

Bilyar. A small chain of Tatar cuisine restaurants where dishes are cooked following traditional recipes. Prices are not high but the service is often rather careless. Stewed horse meat is said to be especially good.

500-700 roubles per person.

Karetny Dvor. A restaurant with Azerbaijani color and a bit unbalanced menu that tries to combine Azerbaijani, Tatar, Russian, and European cuisines. Portions are huge and it is better to order one soup for two persons. Otherwise, you will not be able to try the local great mutton dishes, which you should undoubtedly try.

700-1500 roubles per person.


Cheap and tasty

Dobraya Stolovaya. A legendary self-service café at Baumana Street with fantastically low prices. Dishes are sold by weight and the price per 100g surprises even the budget tourists. However, that does not negatively impact the taste – the food is very good and there are many Tatar dishes. The canteen has youthful and friendly atmosphere. And the honey pie from Dobraya Stolovaya deserves every praise.

70-300 roubles per person.

Dom Chaya. In spite of extremely laconic interior and waitresses that seem inhospitable, it is very tasty there. The food is simple and home-style, it is cooked using the state standards GOSTs that were developed as far as in the Soviet times. The café offers a huge selection of national Tatar dishes at very low prices. Soviet classical dishes like Russian salad and dressed herring are also available. It is worth trying traditional pastries there.

200-500 roubles per person.

Soyembika. A Moslem café enjoyed both by men in skullcaps and women in hijabs and tourists led by a guide. The interior resembles a cheap canteen but the food is good. Don’t miss the chance to try the local elesh. The place is close to the railway station.

200-500 roubles per person.


Chak-Chak. A nice self-service café aimed at families with children – the interiors are bright and cartoons are shown on TV. Here you can try dishes of Tatar and European cuisine, but in the evening not all the menu items are available. The cook is not top star, but you will remember the sweet pies long after.

200-500 roubles per person.

Isfara. Like many other restaurants, this café does not look luxury from the outside, but the modest shell hides the real diamond. Great halal Oriental and Tatar dishes are cooked on an open fire, guests are very welcome and the portions are really huge. And all that in a couple of steps from the Kazan Kremlin.

200-500 roubles per person.

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